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Receipt Request

Need to return an item but you don't have your receipt? Whether you've misplaced it or an item was gifted to you without the receipt provided, you're able to fill out the form linked below to request to have your receipt recovered by our Customer Service team. 

As a small business, we absolutely must have a proof of purchase to complete a return. This is unfortunately not something we can make an exception for. Here's why:

1) Our boutique POS system requires associates to enter the unique transaction ID connected to your purchase in order to begin processing a return. This ID can be found at the top of your receipt.
2) It's important that we have proof that the item was purchased. 
3) We need to know what price was paid for the item in order to provide a store credit. Your receipt tells us if any discounts were applied to your transaction, such as a rewards card discount, coupon or store promotion. 
4) Your receipt indicates the date that the item was purchased so that we can verify if your transaction has or hasn't expired.


While submitting your request, you'll be asked to answer a list of questions that will be useful in looking for your transaction in our system. The more information you're able to provide, the more likely we will be to recover your receipt! 

**Please understand that not all receipts can be recovered due to transaction expiration or insufficient information. We will do our absolute best to help you in all cases!**

Click here to submit your Receipt Recovery Request


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